How to Take a Joke


  1. Just laugh. Try to remember that most jokes are good-natured attempts at being funny. Sometimes, we take the cheapest route to funny, and usually that takes the form of taking a shot at someone. If the shot’s aimed at you, try to remember that person is just trying to be funny – it’s probably about him more than about you.

  2. Control your temper. It’s a bad idea to respond to a joke with anger. Calm yourself and tell yourself over and over that you do not need to be angry.
  3. Ignore it. If you are offended by the joke, ignore it. Don’t laugh at it. If the joker says, “Oh (your name), you can’t take a joke!” just ignore it. You can actually end up having a bit of a laugh on him or her just by looking confused and saying something like, “Oh, was that a joke? Huh.” Showing the others that you didn’t get the humor there can give you a little leg up on the joker without making you look like a jerk.
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Clever Pictogram Movie Posters


Designer Matteo Civaschi of Milan-based creative studio H-57 just created this awesome new collection of pictogram movie posters. These are pretty awesome. I’m a fan of the simplicity of the story and kind of frustrated I didn’t think of it myself. Try and guess the movie before you scroll down at the answer. Continue reading

Strange New York Posters shares that these posters, found in the Bed Stuy area of New York, are being placed around bus shelters throughout the city by anonymous group RISE to remind people that racism still exists.

The in-your-face tone of the posters are meant to contrast the seeming gentrification of the neighborhood, with more “yuppies and buppies” moving into the neighborhood, individuals who have praised the efforts of the police, despite the continuance of the NYPD’s controversial “Stop and Frisk” policy and the potential racial profiling the policy entails.

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Vibratoys by Kokoro

Meet Clitt, Geena and Woody





Well, it may not be a “Squiggle Wiggle Writer” but these cute little vibrators are perfect for that little explorer in you. These loin shaking little wonders allow you to have a little fun while exploring all the pleasures your body can deliver. The website does not specify the age range, but I would be willing to bet that these toys will trade better on recess than the now rare twinkie and $20.00. Screw pokemon, I think these are a set worth collecting.

Happy Vibrating!

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Review: Mr. Bubbles

Oh dear God no! To those of us who remember Mr. Bubbles (or still use it) it was a bath time adventure. The adventure of soaking in a pillowy mound of pink bubbles, screaming for Mom to come look at your foam beard or bubble hat creations. I remember diving below the mountain of bubbles during my first Mr. Bubbles bath experience and it was so much fun! I will never forget the sweet soapy smell of the popping little bubbles as my Mom lowered a then 4 year old little Justin into the warm water of the white porcelain claw-foot bathtub.

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