New Member Guidelines

As a new member of the howsthewhat blog you are encouraged to post daily or weekly, however discouraged to post more than once per day. If you have want to create more than one post, that’s awesome! Just post one ‘today’ and try scheduling your other posts to automatically release for a future date! This does not mean only one post for the whole site is permitted per day, just once per author. Please encourage other members/authors of the blog to post too! There may also be times when your post will has minor edits performed by the administrator. In the rare occasion your administrator edits your post, it will only be for the purposes of functionality or visual layout, your content will not be changed.

For Example…

If you submit a blog post that is 37 PARAGRAPHS LONG… it is encouraged that after THE FIRST PARAGRAPH you add the “MORE” code, so that it adds a stopping point for the entry. If you do not add the “MORE” code, your entry will look horrible on the main page, and also make the main page look like shit.

Rules are Simple:

  1. Always submit a “review of something” as the purpose of your post
  2. Always include a photo that is related to your your post
  3. Always assign your post to a category
  4. Strive to use the “MORE” Code on posts exceeding 2 paragraphs
  5. Do not discriminate, however this is a forum for a good sense of humor. Sick but respectable twisted humor is encouraged so have fun with it!
  6. Own your post! If you say something that causes a mess, you’ll be expected to clean it up
  7. Social Media – Next to each post you create is the option to post to Facebook & Twitter – use it
  8. Have fun with it!