Mind… BLOWN!


Imagine watching a movie, and the effects engulf your entire room or playing a video game, and your room becomes the environment of the game; this is that device! This technology would drastically make you rethink the layout and use of space in your home theater. The device not only projects imagery that makes your space LOOK like it is interacting with your movie/game, but the camera actually reads the layout of your room and thus interacts with objects in your room. [Mind Blowing!]

Watch the video to see for yourself, however an example would be a scene that has snow falling, and the projection would actually accumulate snow on or around objects in your living room. So yes, your potted plant would look like snow was gathering at the base, or even more strange… the projector would great outlines of your living room to make it look like you were sitting INSIDE A CARTOON! Crazy & Fun – go watch the video!


What do you think... ?

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