Creature Cups

Check out these “Creature Cups“. Funky coffee mugs with a hidden treasure in side. I think that if I were a coffee drinker, this would be the mug for me. I would like it most of someone were to bring me a cup of coffee every day from the complete set, and I wouldn’t know which creature I got. It would be a little surprise each day, not knowing if an octopus, t-rex or otter or lobster would be looking back at me.

You can find these sweet gems here. Add a bit of whimsy to your morning coffee routine with one of these Creature Cups($15-$20). Available in 11 or 15 oz. sizes, these curious cups are dishwasher safe and feature a different creature at the bottom, which only emerges fully once you’re nearing the end of your drink. Choose from an octopus, pelican, crocodile, sea otter, shark, spider, or skull, or pony up for a set of two ($25-$35).


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