Kibble Enchilada


First let me say that my family has loved Ajo Al’s Mexican restaurant for years, maybe even decades (yes… Decades) The service and staff is amazing, food is pretty good and 95% of the time the food is great. Tonight however slipped into that unfortunate 5% bracket.

What did I order? Number 4 – 2 Red enchiladas, beef – one shredded, the other ground (with rice and beans). I’m not too adventurous when it comes to ordering meat, but today I decided to try something new. Step away from plain cheese, or boring chicken and order BEEF. The food came, it was piping hot, looked like a plate of cheesy diarrhea (which anyone who is not lactose intolerant or from the midwest, knows that is a GOOD thing when describing a cheese dish) Anyway, rice and beans was fine, flavorful and exactly how it should be. Enchilada number 1 happened to be the shredded beef… dug in, wasn’t bad and I was happy with my decision. In fact, I was beginning to wonder why I hadn’t experimented with expanding my pallet to include more beef. Then there was enchilada número dose, also known as duce… or in this case, DROPPING A DUCE!

The ground beef enchilada was like little balled-up chunklets of dog shit, shat out by a dog with bloody hemorrhoids rolled into a tortilla, disguised with delicious looking cheese. I say fuuuuuuuck that! I felt like I was five years old, making a sourpuss face, then scrapping out the caca from the middle of my tortilla. I think my days of eating loose ground beef (taco meat style) is over. Better yet, the size of my expanding ass tells me I best stick to fruits and veggies and hit the gym.

Final verdict: Ajo Al’s is a great restaurant, with great service and food, however think twice before ordering their ground beef. My insides feel like my mouth is gonna shit and my ass is going to puke.


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